Dominant Curve by Wassily Kandinsky - April 1936 - 129.2 x 194.3 cm Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Dominant Curve by Wassily Kandinsky - April 1936 - 129.2 x 194.3 cm Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Dominant Curve

oil on canvas • 129.2 x 194.3 cm
  • Wassily Kandinsky - December 16, 1866 - December 13, 1944 Wassily Kandinsky April 1936

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Although Kandinsky was forced to leave Germany in 1933 due to political pressures, he did not allow the mood of desolation pervading war-torn Europe to enter the paintings and watercolors that he produced in France, where he remained until his death in 1944. During his first years in France, he experimented with pigments mixed with sand, a technical innovation practiced during the 1930s by many Parisian artists, including André Masson and Georges Braque. During his Bauhaus years, Kandinsky had clipped and mounted illustrations of microscopic organisms, insects, and embryos from scientific journals for pedagogical purposes and study. He also owned several important sourcebooks and encyclopedias from which depictions of minuscule creatures found abstract equivalences in his late paintings. These buoyant, biomorphic images, often presented in pastel hues, may be read as signs of Kandinsky’s optimistic vision of a peaceful future and hope for postwar rebirth and regeneration.

P.S. Kandinsky’s inspiration? Nature, spirituality, and other artists! Read more here. <3