Untitled by Janek Simon - 2015 - 130 x 110 cm Muzeum Śląskie Untitled by Janek Simon - 2015 - 130 x 110 cm Muzeum Śląskie


3D print of PLA and PET • 130 x 110 cm
  • Janek Simon - 1977 Janek Simon 2015

If you follow DailyArt you know that we rarely feature contemporary art. It is not because we don't like it—it is because of the copyrights. So when we are able to feature anything contemporary we are more than happy to do so.

Today we present a print of the Polish artist Janek Simon from the collection at the ING Polish Art Foundation. The exhibition, The Spirit of Nature and Other Fairy Tales, is on view in the Silesia Museum in Katowice (Poland), until 3 May 2020. 

Janek Simon’s colorful relief was inspired by ornamental carpets and fabrics from the Podlasie region of Poland, Afghanistan, the Caucasus, and West Africa. The work was developed using elements printed by 3D printers the artist constructed himself. Individual pieces have been arranged into patterns containing interwoven motifs symbolizing Simon’s earlier works and ex-girlfriends. Speaking the language of art, Simon narrates a tale of travel and artistic and emotional life. Despite the occasionally random array, individual components of the piece form a harmonious whole, tying in with the artist’s belief in the existence of an “ideal disorder” where harmony and order require a rearrangement rather than reformatting of inherent components.

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