Ex – voto by Fernando Botero - 1970 - 240 x 192 cm Museum of Antioquia Ex – voto by Fernando Botero - 1970 - 240 x 192 cm Museum of Antioquia

Ex – voto

oil on canvas • 240 x 192 cm
  • Fernando Botero - 9 April 1932 - - Fernando Botero 1970

The Ex-voto was the first work of art donated by Fernando Botero to the Museum of Antioquia (Museo de Antioquia), in 1975. In 1970, he participated in the second Coltejer Art Biennial with this painting. The Coltejer Biennial in Medellín, Colombia, had editions in 1968, 1970, and 1972. They were nationally and internationally renowned artistic events sponsored by the textile company Coltejer.

This oil painting is a true sample of the sense of humor that characterizes the work of Fernando Botero. It contains a series of symbolic elements that represent the difficult financial situation that he was going through at that time. It shows the themes and features of the artist's work. These consistently appear throughout his production and are fundamental in understanding his work: religion, politics, self-reference, humor, and iconography of art history.

At the bottom left of the canvas, on the representation of a frame easel, is written: "EX-VOTO, IN APPRECIATION FOR RECEIVING THE FIRST PRIZE OF THE COLTEJER ART BIENNIAL, THE LEADER IN TEXTILES. SIGNED BOTERO AND FAMILY. MAY, 1970."

I love how that huge Maria is giving the money to the poor artist, and that tiny little angel carrying the huge Colombian flag. Well, Botero is a well known patriot; the scene couldn't be shown in a different way.  : )

We present today's painting thanks to the Museum of Antioquia in Medellín.

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