Sleepwalker by Jindřich Štyrský - 1925 - 60,3 x 30,8 cm Europeana Sleepwalker by Jindřich Štyrský - 1925 - 60,3 x 30,8 cm Europeana


oil on canvas • 60,3 x 30,8 cm
  • Jindřich Štyrský - August 11, 1899 - March 21, 1942 Jindřich Štyrský 1925

Hello there! Do you remember our partnership with Europeana from the last month? This is a small continuation... if you happen to be in Prague, Czech Republic between May 20-22 you can explore the virtual reality event #BigArtRide. It is touring nine cities, celebrating the Dutch Presidency of the EU and is part of the #Europeana280 campaign, giving people across Europe the chance to take a virtual journey together. It will bring together two participants in different cities (one in Amsterdam, one elsewhere), invite them to get on their bikes, put on virtual reality ‘Oculus Rift’ headsets, and navigate through a virtual city experiencing centuries of Europe’s art along the way. You will find more info in the link below :) Enjoy! Jindřich Štyrský was a Czech multidisciplinary artist: a Surrealist painter, photographer, and graphic artist, author of many book covers and illustrations. But he was also a poet and editor: he wrote studies of Arthur Rimbaud and Marquis de Sade. Together with Marie Čermínová known as Toyen, they worked closely as artistic partners and joined Devětsil, an association of Czech avant-garde artists in 1923. Štyrský and Toyen established their own direction in art – Artificialism. This two-person movement’s main focus was imagination and poetry. It didn’t negate the reality, but at the same time, didn’t make use of it either. With the suppression of the subject component in favour of a refined system of colour tones of plans of a flat rhythm places, the Sleepwalker refers to this style. The Artificialist paintings are characterized by a dreamy atmosphere, encouraging the viewer to free his mind, while creating memories and associations. -- Please help us and donate: