Young Woman at her Toilet by  Titian - c.1515 - 99 cm × 76 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum Young Woman at her Toilet by  Titian - c.1515 - 99 cm × 76 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum

Young Woman at her Toilet

oil on canvas • 99 cm × 76 cm
  • Titian - c. 1488/1490 - August 27, 1576 Titian c.1515

As I write this text, Austria is under lockdown, but we hope that it is now ended; this is why I will write this message in the present tense.  :)  If the museum is now closed, well, you have your DailyArt!  <3

In our favorite Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna until January 30th, 2022, you can visit the amazing Titian's Vision of Women exhibition that examines the Venetian image of women in the context of 16th-century ideals and contemporary society. It is full of Titian's amazing portraits; we highly recommend it!  Today we present a masterpiece featured in the exhibition that belongs to the collection of the Musée du Louvre. Enjoy!

The scene to which we are witness is an intimate one: a woman combs and perfumes her hair. As she does so, she looks into a mirror held for her by a man, who is also holding a second mirror enabling her to see herself from behind. This time we too are able to see the reflection. Is Titian perhaps entering into a contest with the sculptors, whose works make it possible to look at a figure from all sides? Or did he draw inspiration from poetry, in which the motif of hair was frequently associated with the theme of love? Or was he motivated by his teacher Giovanni Bellini’s painting showing a similar scene? As it has still not been established who this woman is, the picture remains an enigma. What would your interpretation be?

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